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Our VAPT Offerings

We offer a comprehensive range of Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Consulting Services, including Penetration Testing, Security Audits, and Vulnerability Assessments.

Web Pentesting

Service details: Our experts use a combination of automated tools and manual testing techniques to ensure comprehensive.

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Mobile Application Pentesting

Service details: Our testing methodology includes both static and dynamic analysis to ensure comprehensive coverage.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Service details: We conduct thorough scans and assessments to provide actionable insights for improving security posture.

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Corporate Infosec Training

Service details: We design interactive workshops and seminars to empower organizations in building a strong security.

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Network Pentesting

Service details: We uncover vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to strengthen network defenses and mitigate risks.

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Code Auditing

Service details: Our experienced auditors perform in-depth analysis to ensure code quality and security compliance.

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Why Choose Us?


We believe that security services should be accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We achieve this by offering competitive rates and providing options in our proposals to strike a balance between assurance requirements and budget.


We follow strict quality assurance procedures to ensure high-quality services. The quality of our services is bolstered by self-evident abilities with viable and demonstrated security assessment methodologies that are custom fitted for every condition sort.


We work diligently to achieve industry best practices, using widely accepted methodologies and testing frameworks to ensure consistency in our approach. This means our services can be trusted to provide high-quality results and valuable assurance.



Identifying vulnerabilities extends beyond listing assets. Understanding potential attacker actions upon gaining a foothold allows for a plan that facilitates practical, proactive enhancements, mitigating organizational risk.

Centred on achieving specific goals and addressing the security issues that matter most to you.

Hands-on assessments involve replicating internal Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) or Nation-State attack scenarios.

Detailed narrative reports and high-level executive summaries ensure the delivery of relevant information.

Product Overview

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What is Security Operations Center?
Managed SoC

Overall, Our custom managed SOC" provides a tailored and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, offering specialized protection and peace of mind tailored to your organization's unique needs and circumstances.

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What is SDR?
SIEM Detection and Response (SDR)

SIEM Detection and Response (SDR) is an open security observability and AI-driven analytics platform enabling data consolidation across the enterprise to gain meaningful visibility and reduce time to detect, investigate and remediate attacks.

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Pentester-Space's It prides itself on having a team comprising elite security researchers and seasoned offensive security engineers. Their exceptional track record includes discovering critical vulnerabilities within major tech giants such as Yahoo, PayPal, Twitter, and industry leaders like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.