Detect Hidden Vulnerabilities & Reduce Risk in Real-Time

Next-Gen Penetration Testing

NorDef’s fully managed, platform-based, and crowd-sourced penetration testing turns your scopes upside down and provides ready-to-use remediations for bugs you didn’t know existed.

How Does It Work?

Scoping & Project Planning

Your dedicated technical account manager will define your target, scope your pentest, and plan your project all for free!

Skill-Matching and Launch

Our advanced AI-powered skill matching will choose the most suitable pentesters from our crowd based on your project’s specifications; your dedicated technical account manager will review and approve, launching the program.

Vulnerability Patch & Resolution

Receive pre-approved bugs that come with detailed and video remediation best practices from our triage room in your internal Jira workflow. You can also directly communicate with our moderation team and pentesters in real-time.

Next-Gen Pentest: Efficacy at its Finest

Hands-On Penetration Testing

A group of trusted pentest champions who are carefully vetted from the heart of our crowd perform a hands-on pentest and combine multi-vulnerability weaknesses to make exploits in your scope; providing videos and screenshots of the real-world attack scenario that led to the exploit and instructions on how to patch up the issue.

Bug validation by moderator team

Unlike many other services, NorDef’s crowd-sourced pentest delivers verified, severity-oriented vulnerabilities with best-practice, step-by-step, ready-to-implement remediation plans directly into your internal Jira workflow.

Continuous Pentest Integrated into SDLC

NorDef platform provides a comprehensive dashboard where you can oversee the entire journey of a vulnerability, from detection to resolution. This, combined with year-round continuous pentest, allows you to integrate security into your SDLC and track and manage vulnerabilities effectively in one place throughout the continuous penetration testing process.

Certification and Compliance ready report

Penetration tests are crucial for organizations as they help estimate the potential risk of malicious attacks on a system. They are now a key component of compliance frameworks such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOC 2. To enhance your cybersecurity and comply with industry standards, the first step is to conduct penetration tests.