the sentiment regarding
your brand's standing.

Utilizing AI/ML, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) for data analytics and enhancing business operations.

Are you looking for Trend Analysis; Public Perception Analysis with Social Media; Fraud Detection; We can help!

Data Science

Brandwatch's new and improved sentiment analysis provides cutting-edge new methodologies to provide:

Financial Foresight with AI:
Stop fraudsters in their tracks. (Fraud Detection) Minimize risk and make better financial decisions. (Risk Management) Approve loans with confidence using AI. (Loan Approval Prediction) Predict market trends for smarter investments. (Market Trend Analysis) Set the perfect price to maximize profits. (Pricing Optimization)

Listen to what the world is saying about your brand:
Analyze social media conversations to understand public perception. Identify areas for improvement based on customer feedback. Track the success of your marketing and PR efforts. Manage your online reputation and address negative sentiment. Gain insights into industry trends and customer preferences.

Monitor real-time sentiment

Sentiment analysis is extremely useful at gaging the current views and opinions on a topic, however, it can also be used to track the long term sentiment surrounding a particular topic or issue.

Monitoring this can show the relative importance and significance of a specific event.


Get more time back in your day with comprehensive social listening insights throughout the entire platform.

Custom Topic Builder

Keep a pulse on the conversations around your brand, products, competitors, or campaigns with customizable, saveable searches.

Social Trends

Instantly see what’s trending on social media this week to help inform your content strategy.


Know exactly what’s happening within your community with social listening, sentiment insights and a multi-channel inbox.

User-Generated Content

Reduce the time it takes to source high-quality UGC that will drive the highest engagement on your channels.


View sentiment and brand health reports alongside your most important metrics make strategic decision-making a breeze.

Competitive Insights

Track how your competition is going to market and what’s happening in your industry to see how you stack up.

Decoding Public Perception through Social Media

Want to understand how people perceive your brand online? Social media analysis unlocks the code! We gather data, analyze sentiment, and identify key topics. This lets you see what people are saying, who's influencing the conversation, and how you can use this to improve your brand image and connect with your audience.

What to expect?

Efficient Data Handling: Streamlined data gathering, cleaning, and preparation for accuracy and consistency. Insightful Analysis: Thorough exploration of data to uncover valuable insights for decision-making. Predictive Modeling: Development of predictive models to optimize processes and enhance customer experiences. Clear Communication: Visual data presentations to effectively communicate insights and recommendations. Continuous Improvement: Ongoing refinement of analytics processes to adapt to evolving business needs.