PTaaS: Faster, Smarter Security Save Time and Money with Continuous Testing and Real-Time Insights

Static Security. Dynamic Threats: Traditional Pentesting Can't Keep Up. PTaaS Offers Agile Security for Modern Development.

What Is PTaaS?

Pentest as a Service: Understanding the Concept

PTaaS, or Penetration Testing as a Service, offers a modernized approach to security assessments. Facilitating ongoing pentest initiatives with streamlined integrations, simplified reporting, and elimination of procurement hassles for each assessment. To grasp the true advantages of a PTaaS platform, firsthand experience is essential, allowing you to witness the operational effectiveness of this modern delivery model.

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Experience the PTaaS Difference:

PTaaS goes beyond basic testing by offering actionable insights that pinpoint vulnerabilities. The beauty of PTaaS is its scalability. You can easily adapt your testing program to your specific needs, all while enjoying predictable costs. But PTaaS doesn't stop there. Over time, it accumulates valuable historical data that empowers security leaders to continuously optimize their security posture, catching vulnerabilities that might otherwise be missed. Experience the difference with PTaaS and make security testing effortless and efficient.

Pentest as a Service Lifecycle

Benefits of PtaaS Across Every Stage of the Process

Whether your aim is to perform penetration testing for compliance, bolster customer trust, or enhance the security posture of your applications and software, our modern PtaaS solution stands ready to help.


Initiate a pentest in just days, not weeks, leveraging our intuitive SaaS platform and our readily available team of on-demand security experts.


Enhance the pace of find-to-fix cycles through immediate collaboration with pentesters in real-time.


Close the remediation loop by submitting your fixed findings for unlimited, complimentary retesting.


Elevate the effectiveness of your security program with a scalable, data-driven approach to penetration testing.

Who Benefits from PtaaS

Information Protection

Security professionals will appreciate the added benefits of a PtaaS platform, with the flexibility to leverage existing data, access fresh perspectives from new testers without the hassle of additional procurement.

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Software Engineers

Developers will appreciate the native integrations into their existing workflows, direct collaboration with testers to align with the SDLC.

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Company leaders

Decision-makers will appreciate the significant cost savings associated with our more efficient penetration testing solution.

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The All-in-One Solution for Streamlined Pentesting and Cost Control. Leverage Modern Pentesting ROI Analysis to Maximize Security Value.

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Shifting Left: Security Testing for Agile Development

Explore PentesterSpace's latest release, Agile Pentesting! With this innovative solution, you have the flexibility to perform targeted pentests, focusing on specific areas of an asset or vulnerabilities across assets. Agile Pentesting seamlessly integrates with DevSecOps workflows, ensuring a smooth and friction-free experience. PTaaS cuts costs and streamlines security. Our intuitive platform delivers real-time results and insights, ditching static reports for good.

"The best way to understand PTaaS is to try it."